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Electronic Small Group Solutions

The small group market has always been a difficult area to provide affordable benefit enrollment services, as well as an Online enrollment solution that most employers are looking for now days.

The main reason for this, is the fact that these enrollment platforms are generally geared towards the large group market; because of their robust features and complex data integration that’s needed, not to mention the hefty price tag that usually comes along with it.

We however, believe there is a way to make this cutting edge technology available to small groups, at an affordable price.





The Power Of Video For Your Benefits

I think we would all agree, our society has become consumed with technological.

With the average person’s attention span lasting only about 8 seconds, keeping an employee’s attention while explaining benefits can be difficult.

What we have found over the years is nothing helps communicate benefits better, than the power of video.

By developing easy to understand benefit videos, employees can retain more of the benefit information presented, which in turn helps them make better benefit decisions.




Selerix Enrollment Platform - ACA Tutorial

Selerix is proud to introduce a new ACA Reporting Module aimed to help employers meet the challenges of ACA compliance as simply as possible.


This demonstration provides a detailed overview of how the Selerix ACA Reporting Module functions.


For information on pricing and service packages, please visit www.selerix.com/ACAreporting



Bringing A Personal Approach To Benefits

With large employers, it’s often difficult to provide that face-to-face interaction that most employees are looking for when it comes to benefits. Plus, if you have multiple locations spread out over various states, it can be down right impossible.

Today’s technology has helped the benefit enrollment process by making it more efficient, but at the cost of loosing that personal touch and interaction.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

With our enrollment solution, employees have the choice of how they would like to enroll.



Benefit Enrollment Services Year After Year

One of the areas we excel in is by providing brokers and employers with an ongoing enrollment solution year after year.

By enrolling new hires through our own in house Call Center, every employee gets the same personal enrollment experience all year long.

At the end of the day, our goal is to create a long lasting partnership with both the broker and the employer, and provide them enrollment services that meet their needs for years to come.




A Digital Solution For Employers

Right now, employers across the country are faced with the overwhelming task of enrolling and managing their companies’ insurance benefits, most of which is still being done on paper.

Which is fine if you have 10 employees, but what if you have 5,000 employees?

That’s a lot of paper to process!

This got us thinking…….wouldn’t it be great to have a single enrollment system that does it all?

A system that would not only enroll employees, but after they enroll, have the ability to send an electronic data file directly to the payroll system and the benefit vendors, sounds to good to be true, right?



ACA Reporting - Yes we have it!

Employers have a number of benefit related concerns to consider each year.

New for everyone, and a huge concern for employers, is the required Affordable Care Act’s Reporting Mandates.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the Act’s requirements, realize this is a huge undertaking, requiring hours of employer paid man hours to produce the necessary information, and required documentation.

With the world of insurance regulation changing on a yearly basis, the need for having a single enrollment system to keep up with the changes is now crucial.



How is your company's benefits workflow?

Our mission is to provide companies with an enrollment solution, not just another insurance product. By combing this enrollment solution, and our superior benefit communications, you have now added real value to your company’s benefits.

Let me explain.

I think most employers would agree, that hiring and keeping quality employees is becoming more and more difficult than ever before.

When you consider the fact that 20% to 30% of an employee’s total compensation is comprised of just benefits, it’s even more important for companies to communicate the value of these benefits and how to properly enroll in them.



We have the latest technology Brokers!

While working with insurance brokers all across the country, we have noticed there has always been one common concern they all share.


“How do we bring on new clients and more importantly, how do we retain our current clients?”


Over the years what we have found, is the answer is surprisingly simple; instead of offering them just another insurance product they can get from anyone, brokers need to provide clients with a total benefit solution.

Offer them something of value that sets them apart from the competitors.



How was your company's Open Enrollment?

For most employees, enrolling in insurance is difficult.

With mounds of paperwork and multiple benefit options to choose from, its no wonder employees get confused.


But with our easy to understand benefit videos, Online enrollment software, and live Call Center support, enrolling in benefits has never been easier for our clients.


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