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Benefits Overview

Magnum, LTD. is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package.

A great deal of time and effort has been invested in designing, funding, and maintaining a quality benefit plan. You and your family can also play an important role in getting the most from your benefits by making sure that you understand them. When possible, you are offered options so that you can select the plan that best fits your needs. To get the most value from your benefits, carefully consider which options are right for you and your family. Because your premiums are generally deducted on a pre-tax basis, IRS regulations may prohibit you from making enrollment changes outside of annual enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying event.

Who is Eligible?

Full time employees and their dependents are eligible for Magnum, LTD’s benefits package on the first of the month following 30 days of employment, unless otherwise stated below. Eligible dependents include your spouse and children under age 26, married or unmarried.

When enrolling yourself, you will need to have your address and social security number readily available. When enrolling dependents (child(ren) and/or spouse), you will need to have their name, address, date of birth, and social security number readily available for each dependent.


Important Information

• Benefits Guide 2024

• Benefits Summary 2024

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Network Service Maps & Useful Information

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Plan Summaries and Descriptions

• PPO Blue HDHP 3500 - SBC

• PPO Blue HDHP 3500 - Summary Plan Description

PPO Blue HDHP 6350 SBC

PPO Blue HDHP 6350 - Summary Plan Description


What employees need to know about Medicare?

• Everything About Medicare

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Paid Medical Leave

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Virtual Care

Welcome & Plan Overview

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These videos are an outline of the coverage proposed by the carrier(s), based on information provided by your company. It does not include all of the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations, and conditions of the actual contract language. The policies and contracts themselves must be read for those details. Policy forms for your reference will be made available upon request


The intent of these videos are to provide you with general information regarding the status of, and/or potential concerns related to, your current employee benefits environment. It does not necessarily fully address all of your specific issues. It should not be construed as, nor is it intended to provide, legal advice. Questions regarding specific issues should be addressed by your general counsel or an attorney who specializes in this practice area.

Contact Information

If you have specific questions about any of the benefit plans, please contact the administrator listed below or your Human Resources.

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At Magnum we believe our most valuable asset, is our employees. Throughout the year we work with our employee benefit partners to ensure we offer benefits that are valued and designed to best meet the needs of our employees.

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