Welcome to the Dawn Foods Benefits Enrollment Center

The Dawn Foods Benefits Enrollment Center portal is your online resource for enrolling in benefits. We provide the flexibility to enroll in benefits in one of two ways:

Important News


Open Enrollment dates for 2024 are, October 30th - November 17th, 2023.

Phone Enrollments

Core & Voluntary Benefits


1. Review the provided benefit information.

2. When ready to enroll, call in to the Benefits Call Center.

3. Our enrollment counselor will enroll you over the phone.


Be sure to have your dependents dates of births and socials ready at the time of enrollment.



Monday - Friday

7:00am - 5:00pm (CST)

Email: [email protected]


If possible, please be in front of a computer or smart device when calling in. This way you can view your enrollment live.

Self Enrollments

Core Benefits (Only)


Existing Users

If you had previously registered with ADP for Dawn Foods, follow the process below.


1. Go to https://my.adp.com or download the MyADP app.

2. Enter your Username and Password

    • Your username is the user ID you received when you completed self-registration.

    • Your password is the one you created during self-registration.

    • Note:  You can click on the Forgot your Username or Password? for options to reset your account.

3. Click Sign In



First Time Users

If this is your first time using ADP services, follow the self-registration process below. Otherwise, use your existing credentials.


1. Go to https://my.adp.com or download the MyADP app.

2. Click Register Now.

3. Enter the registration code of dawnfoods-1234 and click Go.

4. Enter your name and other requested information and click Confirm.

    - If the prompt indicates that your record was found, click Register Now.

    - If the prompt indicates your record could not be found, contact your administrator or help desk.

5. On the Register for Services page, enter your contact information.

6. Make a note of your user ID.

7. Create a password.

8. Select and answer security questions.

9. If prompted, read the terms and conditions and select the I Agree check box.

10. Click Register (or Register Now).

11. Activate your contact devices by following the instructions in the two emails you will receive.

12. You can now log in to your ADP service.


MyADP Tools

• How to Sign in Guide

Voluntary Benefits (Only)


All Users

1. Got to https://allstate.benselect.com/Enroll

2. Enter your Employee ID and Password

• How to find your Employee ID?

• Your password/PIN is the last four of your social security number, combined with the last two of your birth year.

• Below is an example.



10000838 - (Employee ID)

09-01-1963 - (Date of Birth)

Employee ID: 10000838

PIN: 587463


How To Find Your Employee ID

Login to https://my.adp.com or the ADP app to find your Employee ID.  Your Employee ID is determined by dropping the “5” and adding “100” to the beginning of your file number on your paycheck.  For example: File Number 500838 becomes 10000838.  If you are unsure of this number, please contact your People Organization Team.

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